Chapter 7. Main Toolbar

Table of Contents

7.1. Transport Control
7.2. Tap Tempo and Beat Counter
7.2.1. Tap Tempo
7.2.2. Beat Counter
7.3. BPM Control and Metronome
7.4. CPU Usage and MIDI in
7.5. JACK Control
7.6. GUI State

Figure 7.1. The Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar

Before analyzing the two main frames of Hydrogen, let's take a quick look at the main toolbar and its components.

7.1. Transport Control

Part of the Main Toolbar responsible for the transport control. From left to right: rewind, record, pause and play, stop, fast forward, and loop button.

Using these buttons you can start (also bound to Space, see Chapter 22 for further related shortcuts) and stop playback, record new patterns (see Section 4.4 for details), fast forward and rewind transport position, and loop playback.

In addition, you can switch between Song Mode and Pattern Mode .


When using the Keyboard to navigate in the Song Editor and Pattern Editor the shortcut Ctrl + Space (or Alt + Space on MacOS) will change the mode to the one corresponding to the editor. In addition, it will move the current transport position to either the note (Pattern Editor) or the pattern (Song Editor) focused by the cursor and starts the playback.