Chapter 22. Shortcut Lists

Table 22.1. Shortcut Table

Ctrl + NNew Project
Ctrl + OOpen File
Ctrl + DOpen Demo
Ctrl + SSave Song
Ctrl + Shift + SSave Song as
Ctrl + PExport Pattern as
Ctrl + MExport MIDI file
Ctrl + EExport Song (see Export Song)
Ctrl + LExport LilyPond file
Ctrl + QQuit Hydrogen
Ctrl + ZUndo an action
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo an action
Alt + DShow Director
Alt + MShow Mixer
Alt + IShow Instrument Rack
Alt + AShow Automation Path
Alt + FToggle fullscreen mode
Ctrl + Alt + ISet Input Mode to Instrument
Ctrl + Alt + DSet Input Mode to Drumkit
Alt + PShow Preferences
Alt + ?Show Manual
BackspaceRestart song or pattern from the beginning
SpacePlay / Pause
Ctrl + SpaceStarts playback at the current cursor position. If playback is already rolling, it will relocate to the cursor position without pausing or stopping playback. Note that on MacOS this shortcut is bound to Alt + Space.
,Use the Beat Counter
\Use Tap Tempo
+Increase tempo by 0.1 BPM
-Decrease tempo by 0.1 BPM
F5Jump to previous song in playlist
F6Jump to next song in playlist
F9Jump to previous bar in the song
F10Jump to next bar in the song
F12Panic button (stops the song and mutes all playing sounds)