7.3. BPM Control and Metronome

Part of the Main Toolbar responsible for the tempo settings. To the left there are on top two buttons for decreasing and increasing the tempo and below one to activate the metronome. To the right and covering most of the area is a display showing the current BPM. At the far right there is a tall button activating the recalculation of samples processed by Rubber Band at tempo changes.

Set the speed of the song in the range from 10 to 400 bpm (beats per minute).

You can use Grey button containing black outlines of a classical metronome. to toggle the metronome.


The volume of the metronome can be adjusted in the Audio tab of the Preferences.

If either Rubber Band support is compiled into your current version of Hydrogen or correctly configured in the General tab of the Preferences, you will also find the Grey vertical button containing the characters "R", "U", and "B" in adjacent lines. button next to the BPM widget. Activating it will enable recalculation of all sample pitches using Rubber Band whenever the tempo of the song will be changed (see Section 12.2 for details).