18.2. A New Pattern

We'll start from the empty song with an empty pattern created when Hydrogen starts up: Pattern Mode should be selected by default. Now let's click on the Grey play and pause button containing two vertical black lines (left) and a black triangle (right) pointing to the right. button in the Main Toolbar, and while the pattern is playing let's add notes by left-clicking in the grid of the Pattern Editor (see Figure 18.1). Adjust the grid resolution and tempo if needed.


Remember some constraints of the grid: if you are working with a resolution of 1/16, you can't go back to 1/8 and remove a 16th note; same thing happens if you are working with a resolution of 1/8 and you try to insert a note in the middle of two bars (looking for a 16 bars precision): they will be placed on the previous or on the following 8th bar (unless you choose off from the Grid Resolution combo box in which case you're free to place notes wherever you prefer). Be sure to select the correct pattern in the Sidebar of the Song Editor before adding notes in the Pattern Editor!

Figure 18.1. The Pattern Editor

The Pattern Editor