This is the hydrogen documentation page.


The Hydrogen manuals are available in English for the following versions:

Hydrogen 1.2

Hydrogen 1.1

If the manual is not available in your language, you want to contribute to this project, and you have some spare time at hand, why not considering translating it? For more information please see the dedicated Github repo or just drop a mail via our mailing list.


The Hydrogen tutorial is available online in the following languages:


In this section you can find a number of selected video’s. Most video’s are Hydrogen tutorials, but there are also a number of video’s on related topics.

If you have made a good (tutorial) video, or know of any good video’s, drop us a mail. The best video’s will be added on this page.

Special thanks to Kris (aka Metalx1000) for some great videos (including the great intro video) !

Tutorial videos: Basic functionality

Tutorial 1.1: Pattern editor

Pattern editor video

Tutorial 1.2: Drumkits, basic controls

basic controls video

Tutorial 1.3: Mixer window

mixer window video

Tutorial 1.4: Song editor, export song

song editor window video

Tutorial 1.5: Create, customize, import and export drumkits

drumkit handling video

Hydrogen tutorials: Advanced functionality

Tutorial 2.1: Creating flams

Requires Hydrogen 0.9.5 or higher.

creating flams video

Tutorial 2.2: Using mute groups

Requires Hydrogen 0.9.4 or higher.

mute groups video

Tutorial 2.3: Using rubberband with Hydrogen

Requires Hydrogen 0.9.5 or higher.

rubberband video

Tutorial 2.4: Using the sample editor (german)

Requires Hydrogen 0.9.5 or higher.

sample editor video

Tutorial 2.5: Playing with samples (add instrument, edit sample, rubberband …)

This is a must-see video for anyone that wants to use Hydrogen as a sample editor / sequencer !!

Requires Hydrogen 0.9.5 or higher.

sample editor video

Other useful video’s

Video 3.1: Connecting a midi device to Hydrogen via Jack

connection midi device video

Video 3.2: Syncing Hydrogen and Ardour

sync hydrogen ardour video

Video 3.3: Configuring JACK

configuring jack video