18.4. Adjust from the Mixer

Of course we can always use the Mixer window, either when creating or playing patterns.

The Mixer (see Figure 18.3) is made of a number independent Instrument Channel Strips, each of these is bound to an instrument, plus a Master Fader Strip and a Blue button containing the black characters "FX". button to show and hide the FX Plugin Rack. Every line features 3 buttons ( Grey button with a filled black triangle pointing to the right. Grey button containing a black "S". Grey button containing a black "M". ), current maximum peak, FX volume control knobs, volume fader, and name of the track. Clicking on Grey button containing a black "S". will play the selected instrument, cutting the others. The Mute button Grey button containing a black "M". , simply mute that instrument. The maximum peak indicates the maximum volume reached from the instrument. The peak must be in a range of 0.0 and 1.0 (in Figure 18.3 you can see a few volumes too loud). For a full description of the Mixer and its elements please see Mixer.


Peaks outside that range will get distorted (especially with OSS audio driver). Keep an eye on each VU meter and if distortion appears, turn the volume down for that instrument.

Figure 18.3. The Mixer

The Mixer