15.2. Menu

15.2.1. Playlist

  • Add song to Playlist: let's you select a song to be added to the current playlist.

  • Add current song to Playlist: adds the currently loaded song to the current playlist.

  • Remove selected song from Playlist: deletes the selected song from the current playlist.

  • New Playlist: creates a new and empty playlist.

  • Open Playlist: opens an existing playlist (file of type .h2playlist).


    In the General tab of the Preferences dialog you can configure Hydrogen to reload the last used playlist.

  • Save Playlist: saves all changes done to the current playlist.

  • Save Playlist as: saves the current playlist into a file (of type .h2playlist) and location of your choice.

15.2.2. Scripts

  • Add Script to selected song: associates a BASH script (file of type .sh) to the currently selected song of the playlist.

  • Edit selected Script: opens the selected script with your default editor (in an external window).


    When using the function for the first time Hydrogen will ask you which program to use as your default editor.

  • Remove selected Script: removes the selected script from the playlist.

  • Create a new Script: creates a new and empty .sh script at a location of your choice.


    The default one is the scripts folder in the Hydrogen data directory (usually $HOME/.hydrogen/data/).