We are happy to announce patch release version 1.2.3 of Hydrogen!

It fixes a number of bugs and inconsistencies found since version 1.2.2 and is generally recommended for all users.


  • Forward compatibility for .h2song and drumkit changes introduced in version 1.3.0


  • Restore mute button state of master mixer strip on song load.
  • Recorded MIDI notes were inserted ahead of the beat (#1851).
  • Drumkit Property Dialog:
    • Images were written regardless whether one hits the ok or cancel button.
    • When using Save As to create a new drumkit, the added image was put in the old drumkit folder instead and not properly copied into the new one.
    • Allow to Save As drumkits derived from kits not found on the current system.
  • Audio Engine: In Song Mode with Loop Mode deactivated Hydrogen missed notes very close to the end of the song.
  • Fix crash on playing back notes with custom length (#1852).
  • macOS: fix naming of CoreMIDI header (#1865).
  • Fix various rendering issues with custom length notes.
  • Fix potential crash/failing startup on Windows in case PortAudio or PortMidi device is already occupied (#1893)
  • Fix crash on shutdown, song export, or driver changes in the Preferences while using JACK on Linux (#1902, #1867, #1907)
  • Pattern Editor:
    • Only delete stop notes clicked by the user. (#1859)
    • Proper undo of moving notes out of DrumPatternEditor. (#1859)
    • Custom note lengths are now only drawn till the next stop note. (#1859)
    • Highlight selected stop notes too. (#1859)
    • Update selected notes visually on left and right keyboard movement. (#1859)
    • Fixed stop note color which was no different than the default note color (#1854).
    • Fixed grid line rendering on rational pattern size nominator.
    • Fixed grid line colors on very fine resolution.
  • Fix broken file browser dialogs on Linux when using translations (#1908).
  • Fix drumkit export on Windows (#1927).
  • Timing drift (and artifacts) in playback track rendering on some hosts is fixed (#1920).

Source code and binary releases can be found as usual on GitHub