Release 1.2.0 of Hydrogen is the new stable release of Hydrogen. This release brings new features as well as many bug fixes, and is generally recommended for all users.

New features:

  • New scalable SVG-based GUI components with more standardized UX
  • Configurable colour themes and adjustable font size to increase accessibility
  • Pattern and Song editor can follow playback
  • Stacked mode and virtual patterns can show notes from other patterns alongside currently selecte pattern
  • Tagging improvements
  • New OSC commands
  • Builtin crash reporter
  • Slightly changed ADSR behaviour to align with natural user expectations

In addition there are many bug fixes, smaller tweaks to behaviour, and many under-the-hood improvements to audio processing structure, timekeeping and performance, as well as GUI speed.

Source code and binary releases for Windows and macOS are available from GitHub.