8.6. Playback Track

Figure showing the Playback track on top of the Song Editor. At the left side there are several controls: the upper half consists of a larger fader and an "EDIT" (middle) and "MUTE" (right) button. The lower half contains the Main Controls of the Song Editor. The right half is made up by an dark-blue area may will contain the waveform of the Playback track but is empty in this example.

Using the Playback Track you can program your song alongside an existing audio file, for example a guitar track.


When a Playback Track is loaded, it will be played back every time audio transport in Hydrogen is rolling and Song Mode is activated.

To add a playback track to your song, you need to enable the playback track view. This can be done by either pressing left of the scroll bar at the bottom of the Song Editor or via the View element of the Main Menu.

Left to the wave display, the controls of the Playback Track are displayed.