4.6. Command-line Options

After installing Hydrogen on your system you can invoke it from the command-line with a number of different options.

-h, --help                  Displays this help.
-v, --version               Displays version information.
-d, --driver <Audiodriver>  Use the selected audio driver (jack, alsa, pulseaudio, auto)
-i, --install <File>        Install a drumkit (*.h2drumkit)
-n, --nosplash              Hide splash screen
-p, --playlist <File>       Load a playlist (*.h2playlist) at startup
-P, --data <Path>           Use an alternate system data path
-s, --song <File>           Load a song (*.h2song) at startup
-k, --kit <DrumkitName>     Load a drumkit at startup
-V, --verbose <Level>       Level, if present, may be None, Error, Warning, Info, Debug or 0xHHHH


Which audio drivers are supported depends on both your platform and its installed packages. Your local help message will display all available options.