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Hydrogen 0.9.5-rc1 released

Hi everyone,

the first release candidate of hydrogen 0.9.5 is now available at

Here's a short changelog:

- two bugs were fixed which caused an endless loop during the loading of
corrupt song files
- updated the russian and spanish translation
- a spanish translation of the manual was added
- the MAX_LAYERS constant is now used consequently

Let me remind that most of the features in hydrogen 0.9.5 were invented
and implemented by Michael Wolkstein. Thanks a lot, wolke!!
- Sebastian


Hydrogen 0.9.5-rc1 released

No, there's nothing new at the moment.. I'm writing my bachelor thesis at the moment and wolke is short on time, too...
I hope that i can do some bug fixing in the next days.

Hydrogen 0.9.5-rc1 released

Just wondering, I don't see any commits since June the 30th on the development page, nor do I seem to be able to fetch anything new from svn.. Has the assembla server gone nuts, or have there really been no patches in the last two-and-a-half months?

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Hydrogen 0.9.5-rc1 released