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Hydrogen issues when loading a .h2song file plus loading a drumkit at startup

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I'm using Hydrogen 0.9.6beta3 from the Ubuntu Trusty Tahr Linux Repository. In my music software setup I'm using my Audio Recording Suite to start all needed programs (e.g. Hydrogen, QTractor, ZynAddSubFx etc.pp.) and to let them start with all the necessary files already loaded.


When trying to start Hydrogen it doesn' load the .h2song file correctly at startup if a drumkit is also submitted to be loaded at startup. Correctly this means, the .h2song file seems to loose its mixer settings in complete. The only way is to load the .h2song file again, which will reset the drumkit used.


This is the command I'm using: [ "$RUNHYDROGENOPT" = "true" ] && "$APPHYDROGENOPT" -s "$PRESETDIR/hydrogen/$CHSHYDSONGOPT" -k "$PROGDATADIR/hydrogen/data/drumkits/$CHSHYDDRUMKITOPT"


It doesn't seem to be possible to load a .h2song file for all the settings needed, but with a different drumkit at startup. Pity!


Any solution on this issue?