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Hydrogen 0.9.5 released and a brand new site to back it up !

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Hydrogen 0.9.5 contains some long awaited and new features that allow you to do some exciting things with Hydrogen !  (check out the Features tab for the details)

To celebrate this new release we have given the site a total makeover with a fresh layout, up-to-date manual, tutorial video's, FAQ … you name it, it's all there !

Enjoy !


The Hydrogen team



it's been a while, but it's

it's been a while, but it's great to see a new release from you guys!

Not just for Linux either!

Thanks to the support for OSS (Open Sound System) as well as ALSA, Hydrogen isn't just for Linux. I run it on a NetBSD machine, and it's an absolutely brilliant program. I do need to upgrade the version that's in NetBSD's package collection, which I've left languishing at version 0.8.x.I just wish someone had the time and talent to make an ALSA compatability layer for NetBSD so I could run Hydrogen alongside Rosegarden. Then I could finally stop sequencing on my ancient Atari ST and Cubase
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