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Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux. It's main goal is to bring professional yet simple and intuitive pattern-based drum programming.

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14 ways to contribute to Hydrogen !

Hi all


The Hydrogen team is happy to announce the '14 ways to contribute to Hydrogen' campaign !

With this 'campaign' we are hoping to get some motivated people on board

Experienced programmers are of course very welcome, but we also want to make it as easy as possible for _anyone_ to get involved in the project

For this purpose we created the '14 ways to contribute to Hydrogen' page

There you can find -surprise, surprise- 14 different ways you can contribute to Hydrogen


In other words : you just ran out of excuses why you cant contribute !  ;-)

So we hope to welcome you to the team very soon !! 


The Hydrogen team

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Hydrogen 0.9.6 released

For those of you that are not subscribed to the development mailing list, here you can find the official release message as posted by Sebastian (aka Mauser) on August 4th

Hydrogen 0.9.6-beta3 released

A new version of hydrogen, "0.9.6-beta3", was just released . The release contains a range of bugfixes and a small set of new features.

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Drumkit Contest : And the winners are ...

Hi all,

Today the winners of the drumkit contest can finally be announced, but first of all a _big_ thank you to all the people that participated and to the members of the jury !

8 people entered the contest and submitted 11 drumkits.  Some drumkits are small, others really big, some are very well engineered and others are ... euh ... 'special'  ;-)

Ok, enough blah-blah already !  WHO WON ??


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Hydrogen Spring Drumkit Contest CLOSED

Hi all, we just officially closed the Drumkit Contest !

We received 10 drumkits, and some of them are ... euh … let's say 'surprising' ;-)

For those that submitted a drumkit : good luck !

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Drumkit contest NEWSFLASH


The Hydrogen Spring Drumkit Contest closing date has been moved from June 15 to June 29 2012

This gives you 2 weeks extra to finish the drumkit(s) you are working on :-)

So for those of you going 'I just wish I had a couple of extra days to finish this fantastic drumkit I'm working on ...' : voila !

Your prayers have just been answered !

(the details on the contest page will be updated asap)


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Hydrogen Spring Drum Kit Contest launches today !


Some time ago there was a small poll on the Hydrogen site asking the Hydrogen users (aka 'you' ;-) what feature you wanted more than anything else.

Your answer was clear : "more and better drum kits".

We promised to do something about this, and here it is : the 'Hydrogen Spring Drum Kit Contest'

The goal of this fun contest is simple: with your help we hope to expand Hydrogen's sound library with some great new drum kits.

And since this is a contest there are some really neat prizes to win!

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More drumkits


some more MC-307 drumkits. also i have renamed the first two drumkits from my previous post. (new) (new)

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new drumkits


i have create two new drumkits.

each kit contain all 64 instruments in the same order as they arranged in the roland mc-307 groovebox.
each instrument is recorded in 6 layers.

Hydrogen 0.9.6-beta1 released

We're happy to announce the release of Hydrogen 0.9.6-beta1, the first
development release of hydrogen 0.9.6. The new version includes some
major improvements:

- Jack midi support
- Jack session support
- Undo
- tab-based interface (optimized for netbooks)

Apart from these features, we're using now CMake for our build process.
You can start the build process by running "./ m" from your
hydrogen source directory. The tarball is available on sourceforge
as usual, we expect that the new version will hit the KXStudio
repository in the next days.

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